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Seth just returned from his tour in Iraq.  He is in the process of moving with his squadron to Norfolk and then will be re-deployed to Iraq in March.



Sunni Triangle break room

Ready to fly, I just hope his pal remembers the clips

A hot Iraqui sun - 114+

Ready for night life in Balad

Unarmored Balad Transportation. Look close and you will find bullet holes.

Seth's new helo is an H60

Clear the deck, here I come

A little tight "What does this one do Seth". Too many controls.

Seth and Dad on the beach at the Del

Not exactly first class.

Off for a flight

Seth flying over the Navy Lodge in San Diego

The Boxer in Dubai

C17 take off on remote airfield

Camels, no jockies

Feet Wet

Area road map

F18 flyby

Fast Carrier

The Equator

Welcome abord

Time to go

Nothing like a good cigar




Want to try landing at night?

Off Iraq

Phi Phi Thailand

Phi Phi pool

Quiet Island

Seaknight group

Saudi mountains, no snow

I want to waterski

Get out of the way


Paragliders on the clifs